Elections were held October 6th.
President- Evan Doughty
Vice President- Jay Kuster
Secretary- Dwayne Moody
Treasurer- Evan Doughty
Safety- Terry Hickey
WACAMA representatives- Trey Chanter and Anthony Durrah
Next meeting November 3rd, noon at Waymer. We will be discussing and voting on changes to the by-laws. If you are a current FAPA member (this is not the same as a WACAMA park pass holder) and have not received a copy of the proposed by-laws please contact me. Please also review the current by-laws so you know the current procedures.
Want to learn how to Fly? You’ve come to the right place!Send an email to Evan – evan.doughty@juno.com.

We have planes and the talent – All you need is the desire!