The FAA has approved David B. Waymer Aeromodeller Flying Field as a FRIA

( FAA-Recognized Identification Areas ), August 2023


Hello, my name is Jay Kuster and I am your newly elected President of the Flying Aces Pilots Association.

I started in the hobby at a young age.  At 13, my Father and I built a Goldberg Gentile Lady, I flew with the old Hobby Prop Twisters in Hickory NC.  After crashing it for the second time I took a hiatus from the hobby for over 30 years! I have always loved aviation, in all aspects, the desire of flying has never left me.  I started flying again over 6 years ago and have loved every minute of it.

My full-time job is Maintenance Tech/Fabricator in the Automotive Industry.  I have been married to my wife, Jessica for 30 years and live in Lincolnton NC.  My other hobbies include, the Saint Bernard Dog Breed and showing dogs in AKC events as well as playing golf.

I have been the Vice President of FAPA for the last 3 years and look forward to the new challenge of leading the club this year.


Jay Kuster

       Thanks Everyone At GoGreen!

It was a great day Saturday, with many of our attendees participating. Thanks to all those who participated in making our event one of the best ever and for making it possible for our club to fly!


Our October Fly In Was A Blast!

With over 30 of our club members present, we couldn’t have asked for a more awesome fly in! A special thanks to everyone who came and made this day great. We hope to see you again out at Waymer!¹

     Come In And Learn More!

With more than 50 members and growing by the day, our group includes people from all over the world! Joining our club and learning to fly is easy. No experience required!²

¹Please be aware that there is a difference between the WACAMA Park Pass and Flying Aces R/C Club Membership. ²To fly at Waymer field a Park Pass is required and AMA membership is required to apply for the Park Pass. FAPA Club Membership is not required to fly at Waymer. You can join FAPA at the same time you join or renew your WACAMA Park Pass for an additional $20.

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We have planes and the talent – All you need is the desire!