The Go Green Fly-in was a great success!

The next meeting will be Saturday July 6th, noon at Waymer Field.

We are hosting a group of JROTC from JM Robinson HS on June 27th and need help. If you have a trainer plane (preferably with buddy box), or an interesting plane to show or demonstrate please contact me.

The Larry Moore Fly-in is coming up June 22nd. Click here to view Flyer.

A note about the park passes and keys. WACAMA has sent out passes and keys to those that have renewed/ paid. If you have not received yours please contact WACAMA. Due to the issues of people paying and the club not receiving dues promptly we will change our method next year. If you are considering joining The Flying Aces Pilots Association please contact me and send dues directly to me.

Our June club meeting was held June 1st at the field. Minutes are available on the Club News/ Updates page.

Please remember the park is a no smoking area. If you smoke be aware others don’t like your smoke.

To fly at Waymer you need AMA and a Park Pass. There are dates and times this is waived, Wednesdays and 10-2 Sundays. You still need to know and follow the rules. To fly any R/C vehicle over .55lb anywhere in the U.S. (even your back yard) you are required to register with the FAA. If you registered when this first became effective three years ago it may say it’s time to renew on your card. When I went to renew mine it now says it expires 12/12/2020. Also remember those flying FPV need FCC licenses. While we have never enforced these please remember they are federal laws.

Please fly safe, please be courteous,
President- Evan Doughty

Please be aware that there is a difference between the WACAMA Park Pass and Flying Aces R/C Club Membership. To fly at Waymer field a Park Pass is required and AMA membership is required to apply for the Park Pass. FAPA Club Membership is not required to fly at Waymer. You can join FAPA at the same time you join or renew your WACAMA Park Pass for an additional $20.

Want to learn how to Fly? You’ve come to the right place!┬áSend an email to Evan – evan.doughty@juno.com.

We have planes and the talent – All you need is the desire!