August Club Meeting Minutes (08/03/19)

  • We will have nominations for club officers in preparation for the elections at the October meeting.
  • Please see Anthony Durrah for WACAMA membership, keys, and issues.
  • I will be out of town for our next fly in on September 21st. VP Jay is in charge and Sec Dwayne is doing the raffle
  • I have not been able to contact Suzi about the Carl Wagner memorial float fly tentatively the 24th of August.

June Club Meeting Minutes (06/01/19)

  • Coming Soon

May Club Meeting Minutes (05/04/19)

  • Larry Moore Old Timer Fly In is June 22 @9am. Click here to view the Flyer
  • We raised about $1400 for Suzi selling Carl’s items.
  • We are also going to discuss a flyin/ BBQ at Suzi’s at the next meeting
  • People have still not received 2019 passes and keys from WACAMA.
  • Please contact Evan if you are a FAPA member and have not received a pass you paid for.

April Club Meeting Minutes (04/07/19)

  • Spektrum Programming Class/ float flying – We had ten attend the class on programming Spektrum radios and fly float planes at Carl and Suzi’s house. We had pizzas, drinks and a great time.
  • Dwayne was volunteered to acquire the raffle prizes for the next flyin, The Larry Moore.

Mar Club Meeting Minutes (03/07/19)

  • Go Green Fly In – Flyer is available on the events page. Discussed event planning (drinks, etc). Terry will run the raffle, thank you Dwayne for getting the prizes. Jay will run for pizzas and Jim is going to bring drinks. The event will begin at 9am with a Pilots Meeting.
  • Flying Stations – Jay has made two new pilot stations. One has been added to each end of the flight line. Thanks Jay!
  • Spektrum Programing Class/ float flying – We have been invited to Carls house to hold a class on programing Spek radios and fly float planes. This will be Friday 3/29/2019 at 6pm. We will supply pizzas and drinks. If you would like to attend contact Evan for the address.
  • Smooth Flying – It has been requested to have a “smooth” flying class session during the next meeting. We will see what we can do.
  • Charging Station Maintenance – Jay has volunteered to check the charging stations batteries.
  • Upcoming Events
    • FAPA Go Green Fly In, WACAMA – March 16
    • Wind &Wings Event, NC Transportation Museum – March 22 &23
    • FAPA April Club Meeting, Waymer Field – April 06 Noon
    • Sugar Valley fly-in – April 06
    • NSCRA Pattern Contest, CLT Aeromodelers, May 18 & 19

Feb Club Meeting Minutes (02/07/19)

  • FAA Renewals – discussed if FAA renewals were required as some people mentioned theirs had expired. Currently FAA registration is not listed as a requirement to fly at Waymer, but the FAA says your are required to be registered to fly as part of a community based organization. Please go to to ensure you are complying with any regulations.
  • Go Green Fly In – Flyer is available on the events page. Discussed event planning (drinks, etc). Jim is going to bring drinks. We discussed signs for the club/event. Jim has the old original sign and mentioned we could put it back up along Rt 115 as it was in the past. Someone mentioned a permit may be required to this. We will at least put it out for the fly in. Terry will handle ticket sales for the raffle. We have tickets left over from the last event. Depending on the number of participants we may use armbands for pilots.
  • WACAMA Pass/Gate Keys – Some people mentioned they have not received their keys yet and were worried the lock would be changed. This is a WACAMA issue and should be discussed with them. Many people have received theirs and there should be another batch sent out soon.
  • Flying Stations – Jay is working on new pilot stations. One will be added to each end of the flight line. It is planned to have these completed before the March fly in.
  • Flight Line Tables – We discussed repairing the flight line tables again. We have access to composite decking for about half of the tables. The club would just need to purchase screws to fix the boards to the tables. It was agreed to go ahead and do this. We will need some volunteers to assist with this when the work gets started.
  • Park Driveway – It was mentioned that a request has been made to the county to repair the road and add gravel as needed. This needs to be confirmed with WACAMA.
  • Field Safety – There have been many instances of unsafe practices at the field. Especially on the flight line. People flying from the runway, not calling landings, ignoring calls for landing, flying behind the pilots stations are just a few of these situations. All of the present a safety hazard to both people and aircraft. We have a safety officer who is doing a good job, but it is ALL of our responsibility to make sure we are being safe. If you see someone doing something unsafe let please let them know in a courteous manner they need to follow the rules. We also discussed new signage stating the rules. This needs to be discussed with WACAMA. It was decided that there will be a mandatory pilots meeting at 9am on for the next fly in where the rules for the park and event will be presented to all pilots.
  • Charging Station Use – A reminder needs to be issued to everyone that uses the charging station. When you are not charging on busy days please disconnect/move your charger/gear to make room for others. General courtesy in this area is appreciated. A sign will be made and posted above the charging table to remind people of this.
  • New OpenTX User Group – Several people are adopting the OpenTX operating system. There is a group of people interested in this and a flyer has been posted on the bulletin board for those interested in learning more.
  • Upcoming Events
    • FAPA MArch Club Meeting, Bob Evans – March 07
    • FAPA Go Green Fly In, WACAMA – March 16
    • Wind &Wings Event, NC Transportation Museum – March 22 &23
    • NSCRA Pattern Contest, CLT Aeromodelers, May 18 & 19